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February 2001
Thought Generator v.2.3 ScreenshotThought Generator v.2.3

by H-Ray Heine

German-American fluxus artist H-Ray Heine's digital media work Thought Generator presents the viewer with an amazing series of randomly generated sentences that include Haiku poems, advice, if...then... and simple statements.

H-Ray described this media work as "a kind of semantic Tarot deck crossed with a Poetic Rorschach test."  Due to the randomness of the generated sentences, the work produces a different output each time it is run.  The generated sentences range from apparently profound observations to surreal utterances that would seem adequate for any techno/dada manifesto.

The work, which was first shown at VITRA Gallery in San Francisco in October 2000, is presented as a 283 Kb Flash 4 file and features an audio architecture that includes audio files created by H-Ray's long time collaborator U.Do Hanten. 

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Background Information about Thought Generator

About H-Ray Heine

H-Ray HeineGerman American digital fluxus artist H-Ray lives in San Francisco, California.  H-Ray's digital media works have been shown in Australia, Japan, Germany, the UK, and the USA. A selection of digital prints is currently available through limited editions.

For more information about H-Ray Heine, please visit:

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