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Casting A Net: A Survey of Internet Art McLean Project for the Arts presents a juried exhibition of nine net artists that aims to present the diversity of approaches to creating art specifically for the Internet. This exhibition surveys art specifically created for and to be viewed on the net.
Skam Records One of the best immersive interface designs we have seen. If you have time for only one example of what you can do with Macromedia Flash -- this is the one we'd recommend.
Palimpsest 2001 Australia's leading arts / science exhibition & forum - Mildura Palimpsest #4 - attracted over ninety national and international artists to Mildura, in Victoria's far north-west.
Hollywood Jesus POP Culture from a Spiritual Point of View - a great place to get movie reviews with a blessing ;-)
All Media Artists Go To Heaven Russian media artist Sergei Teterin's latest online work offers a unique vision about the final URL for new media artists -- it is wired, indeed ;-) :::: The Official People Trading Card The home of the increasingly popular people cards includes an online gallery. The featured artist for August 2001 is digitalsouls own H-Ray Heine presenting a flash based media work titled deutschland99. 1984 is old news, but this new media site develops the familiar Orwellian theme into a somewhat oscure but interesting techno/cyber/hebrew spectacle. Let us know if you can figure out what this site is about ...
Gallery 123 A beautifully designed online gallery featuring the work of Tom Paras
The Truth is What You Believe
This Flash 5 based media work by Kurt Dommermuth has the makings of a classic. Not the easiest to navigate and requiring a little patience downloading on a low-bandwidth connection, Reason is an intriguing and entertaining work and a great example of what Dommermuth calls Organic Flash.
lab 404 Curt Cloninger's psychedelic cornucopia offers a diverse diet of new media art bytes.
Approach 2 Another chatroom piece by Canadian media artist Jeremy Turner and Leanney.
Kakupacal -- SMOOTH... and Fashionable! An interesting site that shuns easy accessibility, but presents a 1950's inspired design and many hidden surprizes.
Galleria Interactica An online gallery curated and designed by British media artist Mike Foskett.  The gallery features a selection of interactive art including works by 2k:)2, Douglas Davis, Auriea Harvey, H-Ray Heine, Garnet Hertz, and Yourself.
technology as an extension of the body Interesting anonymous collection of links and quotes about media, technology and the general postmodern malaise.
f a m i l y i i a w a h A collaborative media work in which a group of artists take turns in modifying or amending one image.
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