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August 2000
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by Monetari Tencent

Modrandom is a minimalist exercise in calculus bop by Libian born media artist Monetari Tencent.

In 'Modrandom', a 76 KB dcr file made with Macromedia Director 7, two lines of code generate random positions and timing, each time delivering a different musical interpretation of piano and percussion interplay.

Besides these experiments, MT is currently finishing a cdrom project 'CityScapes' with contributions from David Shea, Scanner and DJ Spooky.

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About Monetari Tencent

Libian born artist Monetari Tencent, currently lives and works in Belgium and Holland. MT moved to Holland when he was 15, and later enrolled at the Rietveldt Academy. His work mainly focusses on randomness in relation to order and structure.

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