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a collaborative sitework
may 1998 - march 2000
Jean Beil
Daniel C. Boyer
Ted Bragg
Tara Camacho
Ian Cartwright
Kelly Darke
Corey C. Eiseman
Ron George
H-Ray Heine
Jay Heitman
Jon Johnson
Scott Lickstein
Oliver Loveday
Mary Lynch
Michael MacKenzie
Alex McLean
Carl Patzel
Martin S. Pribble
Jonathan Prince
Miguel Santos
Elisha Sarti
Martin Selman
Donald Trimble
Jeremy Turner
Zye Zaen

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about / theory

generation/mutation grew out of the idea of creating a collaborative sitework using the internet as the only channel of communication.

Artists were invited to download an image file of a photograph of an abandoned car repair shop in the ghost town of Death Valley Junction, California, and asked to alter the image and send it back.

(for more information, please see: how to participate )

small dv01 seed image The photograph, taken by h-ray heine in 1982, has been the subject of numerous variations and interpretations by the artist during the 80ies and into the 90ies.  Taking the theme one step further, h-ray decided to use this image as the starting point for generation/mutation.

Since the first version of generation/mutation went online in 1998, artists from all over the world have been sending their contributions to the project which by now involves more than thirty participating artists.

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