TV69: who honey?
<<"MLETWO" has left the room>>

TV69: me?

jerscape: Theresa!!!!
TV69: i think we are alone now
jerscape: How could you!!!!
TV69: wanna cyber?

jerscape: uhhhh…..
jerscape: with you?
TV69: with me
TV69: cum on play boy where is yr cents of fun?

jerscape: Oh! Why not!
TV69: k

jerscape: What do I do?
jerscape: I’ve never done this before
TV69: u r a cybervirgin?
jerscape: yeah
TV69: oooooooooooooooo this’ll be fun

jerscape: so?
TV69: eye start
jerscape: what next?
TV69: do u like my body?
jerscape: k
TV69: my tits are freezing hard erect as icicles actually
jerscape: I mean, yeah
TV69: i can see your bulging cock throbbing beneath your shorts
jerscape: I like it
TV69: what are you going to do with a lonely little girl like me?

jerscape: yeah?
TV69: i am stroking my shaved pussy with one hand and unzipping your shorts with another
jerscape: oh yeah!
TV69: what do you want to do to me?
jerscape: uhhh…suck on one of your tits?
TV69: that’s it?
TV69: cum on
jerscape: er, cum on them? Tit fuck time?
TV69: where is your imagination?
jerscape: Sorry
TV69: you need lessons boy

jerscape: k teach me
TV69: well first maybe you could cum over here and stroke my wet snatch for me

<<"h-ray" has entered the room>>
jerscape: k I did that so now what?
h-ray: back now guys

TV69: and then while you do that eye’ll jerk yr cock back and forth slowly till the precum drips out of you

h-ray: miss anything?
jerscape: Oh Geez!
TV69: h-ray sweetie so nice to see u? wanna join in?
h-ray: join what Theresa? h-ray: having fun being the deputy sysop Jeremy? {wink wink}
jerscape: Uh…she’s just teasing with you H-Ray. She was just kidding with me when you entered you see to make me look bad you see and well let’s get back to the topic, eh?
h-ray: the topic was only "welcome to"h-ray: we left the topic open-ended