jerscape: Well, the only thing I know that is new about your updated page is that Brian Eno is featured on it
TV69: really? brian eno? for real? oh wow! will he visit us in this chat room?

jerscape: I still haven’t gotten around to reading the link but I am a big fan of his output.

h-ray: Well, eno has been officially interviewed to increase hits on the site but it doesn’t necessarily mean he visits d-souls on a regular basis.,/

<<"Spritof77" has entered the room>>
TV69: i luuuuuv his soundtrack for jarman’s sebastione
TV69: get tingles inside just thinking about it

<<"hExEcodE" has entered the room>>

h-ray: I do not know if he is into chatting online

TV69: so many real men in that film…mmmmmmmmmmmm
Spritof77: hello room J
jerscape: Yuck! That homoerotic soft-core porn flick must’ve been an embarrassment for him

h-ray: I am partial to nerve net or discreet music

Spritof77: what’s up friends?
jerscape: Discreet is great as is Evening Star with Fripp and Neroli is a thinker’s instant classic!
TV69: wow! chatting on the same site as brian eno! {{blush!}}
HExEcodE: wE aRE talking abOUT bRIAn eNO?

Spritof77: who or what is ‘Brian Eno’?
jerscape: Hey Pietro
HExEcodE: eNO’s prOceSS iS hiGHlY inFLUEnCiaL toWARds mY woRkINg meTHoDS
Spritof77: **searching databsse**....
TV69: i liked the stuff that was xxxrated of his

Spritof77: one moment please...

HExEcodE: suCH aS?

TV69: hmmmmmm

h-ray: what exactly are your methods hexacode?

HExEcodE: dO nOT BOTher wiTH seARCHinG enO spIRiToF77
TV69: i gotta go actually but hopefully bri will read this when it is archived
Spritof77: **search aborted**
jerscape: "Hexacode’s" name is Pietro D’Annunzio there H-Ray

HExEcodE: i hAVe beEN WorKiNg oN a sERIEs cALleD flASHbiEnT mUSIc whiCH pRoceSseS soUND eVEntS iN pOP muSIc fORmAT(s) foR eXaMlplE aS rAW dATa whICH is tHEN fiLteReD iNto aN aMBiENT dRONe

<<"Spritof77" has left the room>>
HExEcodE: i nOW uSE soFTwARe boTS oF mY oWN cREAtiON tO fILTEr aND pROCeSs dIGiTaL
TV69: toodles

h-ray: k

HExEcodE: aUDiO dATa

jerscape: He also lives in Cali
<<"TV69" has left the room>>

HExEcodE: oNE oF tHOse bOTs hAs jUSt leFT tHE rOoM

h-ray: i see
jerscape: Well, that teasing toon has left, can we discuss something real now?
HExEcodE: lOS aNGEleS pReCiSElY
h-ray: jeremy and pietro...
jerscape: or should we just call it quits for today?
h-ray: sorry guys but i must go attend other matters
HExEcodE: wE nEEd aT leAST fIVe peOplE tO hAVE a reAL cHAt
h-ray: I will call you Jeremy about having another one maybe next month?
jerscape: I understand okay give a call then thanks for the opportunity, H-Ray :-D
h-ray: thanks and will do bye both of you and thanks for participating in the first real digitalsouls chat
HExEcodE: i wILL reTUrN wiTh aDvanCE notICE nEXt moNTH
jerscape: thanks again and bye h-ray and pietro
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jerscape: bye empty roomjerscape: ^^sigh!^^
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