Life After Death
Life After Death : Embracing the Queer Widow
Embracing the Queer Widow
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A Conversation with Dan PillersA Conversation with Dan Pillers
A Conversation with
Dan Pillers
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 Credits and Links

Many thanks to Dan Pillers, curator and producer of the exhibition, for his enthusiasm and tireless effort in realizing this remarkable project. 

Behind the Scenes:
Kevin Schaub, from the Harvey Milk Institute for fiscal sponsorship of the Queer Widow project.

Charles Wilmarth, from The Jons Sims Center for Performing Arts for the use of the space for workshops and rehearsals.

John DeLois, of SPACE 743 for hosting the exhibition.

Without these three guys the project would have never got off the

The National Queer Arts Festival 2001 for inclusion in this year's

The Artists:
Tim Clare, Jim Cross, Chuck Forester, Yves Moralex, Douglas Morris, Dan Pillers, Mike Richards and Kerry Rutz for their touching and life affirming work. 

Digital Media Production:
Zye Zaen of for her support in producing this website. 
H-Ray Heine - Editor and Publisher of
H-Ray Heine is produced by Topos Productions


For more information about this exhibition and related news items, please visit the sites listed below: Dan Pillers website Jon Sims Center for the Arts Harvey Milk Institute National Queer Arts Festival 2001 Art, Philosophy, Culture - online gallery and ezine featuring new media art since 1997 (be sure to sign up on's  mailing list for news and updates)
Exhibition Info

Life After Death: Embracing the Queer Widow is produced and curated by Dan Pillers / Fagart Unlimited as part of The National Queer Arts Festival 2001.  The project is funded, in part, by a "Creating Queer Community Grant for Emerging Artists," a collaborative project of the Jon Sims Center, the Harvey Milk Institute and the Queer Cultural Center as part of the Gateway Initiative of The San Francisco Foundation. Please see Credits and Links for more information.    Vol.IV No.3 06/03/2001