Life After Death
Life After Death : Embracing the Queer Widow
Embracing the Queer Widow
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Yves Moralex

In our garden 
Plant no thorny roses for me, 
But water the mulberry tree 
Whose blood the mourning doves consume 
And scatter across the plain, 
So that everywhere you go 
You'll see me growing wild in a wooded grove 
Or standing as proud ornament shading old 
Villagers.   Let the Spanish gypsy relish 
My soul in her shepherd pies 
And the witty Frenchman compliment 
His lemon tart with my poetic fruit. 
Thus, I am shared---your poor man's gold--- 
My verdant leaves: province of silken tapestries.


Yves Moralex

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Exhibition Info

Life After Death: Embracing the Queer Widow is produced and curated by Dan Pillers / Fagart Unlimited as part of The National Queer Arts Festival 2001.  The project is funded, in part, by a "Creating Queer Community Grant for Emerging Artists," a collaborative project of the Jon Sims Center, the Harvey Milk Institute and the Queer Cultural Center as part of the Gateway Initiative of The San Francisco Foundation. Please see Credits and Links for more information.    Vol.IV No.3 06/03/2001